Choosing Isaac’s Name

We had the hardest time naming our newest addition. For the other boys we had their names picked out weeks or months in advance. However, for our fourth we were stumped! We had a list, but none of the names seemed right. Plus we were over analyzing every name. We like classic names; names that stand the test of time and the names we’ve chosen for our boys all happen to be biblical; not necessarily intentional. We never picked a name because it had to be from the Bible, but the names we did pick happen to be in the Bible. So we toiled and toiled – Did the name flow well with his older brothers’ names? Did that matter? Was the name too Catholic? So what if it was, we are Catholic after all! Could the name be shortened to a nickname, an annoying nickname (this is sort of a pet peeve of mine)?

So days before his birth and after his birth we finally had it narrowed down to two names: Matthew Francis or Isaac Francis. We definitely wanted Francis as the middle name since our family has a special devotion to St. Francis of Assisi. Ever since Eli was very young, he seemed to gravitate to this saint, so he is Eli’s patron saint; thus he’s important in our family. And it doesn’t hurt that our Holy Father is Pope Francis. Win-Win! :)

We also added to his middle name, Wayne, as that’s a family name on Michael’s side. Michael’s middle name is Wayne, as is his dad, etc.

So we were told at the hospital that we had to have a name chosen by the time we left and since my stay was just 24 hours we had to make a decision. So we finally picked:

Isaac Francis Wayne

baby isaac

The boys voted Isaac and everyone who knew our dilemma was leaning towards Isaac. So that’s the story behind his name!


2 thoughts on “Choosing Isaac’s Name

  1. I think his name is perfect and fits with his brothers well. Hope everyone is doing ok. :) Blessings to you all.


    • Hi Karol! So happy to see that you’re keeping up with us on our blog :) We think of all of you often! Struggling with lack of sleep, but other than that we’re doing well. Hope you’re doing ok!


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