Introducing Isaac Francis

Introducing our newest blessing, Isaac Francis!

Introducing our newest blessing, Isaac Francis!

Isaac Francis Wayne finally arrived and not on his own terms. He’s our first baby to be induced (he was due on July 9th) and I was scared; terrified really. I can’t even put into words the anxiety I felt during this pregnancy, especially towards the end, so I’m relieved he’s here and that all was uneventful. It was a safe and healthy labor and delivery for both of us.

He’s a week old today…already! Hard for me to believe that at this time last week I was delivering this precious baby. And we’re lucky we were able to finally decide on a name!!!

I’ve definitely been taking the past week very easy, just trying to recoup as his delivery wasn’t as easy as my last two were. Thankfully my mom has taken two weeks off to help run the house and care for the older boys. I LOVE my mom :) She’s been cleaning, cooking and watching the boys. Moms are the best! And I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful mom who does so much for me and her grandsons. My sister, Kim, has also helped out with the boys in between her shifts at the hospital. All the help has been great! We’re very fortunate to have it. Each day is getting better and Isaac is slowly getting into a schedule and sleeping a little better some nights. The older brothers are suffering from a terrible cold…in JULY! How does that happen in the middle of summer?!? Looks like Michael is the next in line. I’m praying they get over it soon, but it seems to be lasting forever with no end in sight. I’m praying and hoping Isaac doesn’t have to suffer through one so soon. His brothers just want to love and hold him and they haven’t been able to do so since the first day I brought him home before they all got sick.

Proud Big Brothers

Proud Big Brothers

They’ve completely accepted him with open arms and so much love. I’ve loved seeing their interactions with him and how much they truly love him. Here are some quotes from his brothers on what they think of their new baby brother.


“He’s the cutest baby ever!”

“He’s so sweet!”

“He’s so tiny!”

“He really likes me!”

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from our good family friend, Sr. Mary Jacinta. She only comes into town once a year and this was the weekend she happened to be here. She’s a nun in Nebraska at the School Sisters of Christ the King. They’re doing great things there. So blessed that Isaac got to be held by such a holy nun :)

Sr. Mary Jacinta with Baby Isaac

Sr. Mary Jacinta with Baby Isaac

He’s really been a good baby; super sweet and cuddly. I love how he rolls into a little ball when I hold him. I’m taking all these little moments in :) Oh and there’s always that wonderful new baby smell!

I’ll write a separate post on his birth story. We just wanted everyone to know we’re doing well (except for the sick older brothers and lack of sleep) and appreciate everyone’s prayers! Please keep them coming!


Proud Grandparents

Proud Grandparents

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Isaac Francis

  1. He’s precious! Congratulations. I am having so much fun raising my little boy. :) How wonderful that you have four now!


  2. What a beautiful family and perfect addition to go along! :-)


  3. […] for each of my babies. It’s gone by so fast, yet at the same time it seems forever ago that I was at the hospital delivering you. Life is crazy like […]


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