Happy All Hallow’s Eve

The busyness of October has come down to this one final day of celebration that the boys love…HALLOWEEN! The boys would celebrate Halloween all year long if I let them. They love pumpkin patches, spooky ghosts, scarecrows, lights, spiders and webs, and of course the costumes and trick-or-treating. Really, what’s not to love?!? As soon as October hit, they started decorating their fort in the playroom, and this year we even put some orange and purple Halloween lights on our front trees.


We got a late start on the pumpkin patch this year, so it was slim pickings for any good pumpkins, but we found a few small ones and then ended up buying our larger one at the store. The boys’ favorite part of the pumpkin patch is the tractor ride to the patch and the small corn maze. They ran through it over and over again; I need one in my backyard!



Halloween Decorations
Halloween day started with spooky pancakes made by super dad and decorating a haunted Halloween house cookie with Aunt Kim.



The anticipation to nightfall is too great for these boys! So we took a break from our formal homeschool today to enjoy all the festivities. This evening, we will head over to my parents’ subdivision for the annual hotdog cookout and bonfire and then start some trick-or-treating. Not sure how long we’ll last since it’s only going to be a high of 44° today. By nightfall, I’m sure it will be in the 30’s. This year Noah is an army soldier, Eli is a skeleton, Levi is a robot and baby Isaac is a dragon. Levi’s robot costume I made didn’t turn out quite as I expected. Originally he was very excited, but stumbled while trick-or-treating and that was the end of that! Oh well! Other than that Halloween was a success with lots of candy to spare!



It’s been a fun month, but overwhelming at the same time. I felt like there were a million things to do, because there was! Here’s a recap!

Respect for Life Month

We kicked off the beginning of October by helping our parish’s Respect for Life ministry place crosses on our church’s front lawn. The boys enjoy helping with this event every year. Last weekend, they went back to help take them down with Daddy and our parish priest. We hope the boys’ excitement for volunteering and helping others will continue as they grow older. We want them to know how important it is to protect all life from conception to natural death.



Noah and Levi’s birthday celebrations. You can read about their birthday and party at the links.

Fort Osage Field Trip

Michael took the boys to a nearby fort for the Fall Muster. It was a re-enactment event surrounding the prelude to the War of 1812, as Fort Osage prepares for war declared with Britain. The boys had a great time seeing soldiers dressed in the period uniforms and seeing the cannon and artillery drills.

All Saints’ Day

The biggest task I had this month was creating the boys’ All Saints’ Day costumes. Michael gave the boys the *great* idea to be martyred Swiss Guards protecting St. Pope Pius X. As soon as I heard this, I quickly said, “NO!” No time and I can’t sew to save my life! It’s not like you can just buy a Swiss Guard costume. The boys were adamant about it of course and I knew they would look cute, so I figured I’d give it a try after much protesting about it. I was sure Pinterest would have something, but I came up empty. I finally came across Happily a Housewife’s blog, where she outlined making one for her son. Difference is, she can sew, I CAN NOT! Well after many hours, lots of hot glue and felt (and along with some help from my mom), I had the makings of the Swiss Guard costumes (x 2) and Pope Pius X vestments. It was a miracle they got done, but I’m happy we did it! More details to come on a later post.

All Saints Day - Swiss Guards Protecting St. Pope Pius X

All Saints Day – Swiss Guards Protecting St. Pope Pius X



Noah’s 6th and Levi’s 3rd Birthday Party


Since the boys share a birthday, we always have their birthday party on the same weekend. I’ve been lucky in the past that they’ve both wanted the same theme, but now that they’re getting older and are at different ages (6 and 3) they had different theme requests this time. So this meant preparing two themes for one party…good times!

Noah loves all things camo, army men and military. His favorite toy is the bucket of little green and tan army men. He loves plotting and strategizing battles and learning all about history in the process. He’s a fine general; leading his brothers in marching formation, flags and all! He spends most of his days wearing his army soldier costume that’s technically for Halloween, and if he’s not wearing that, you can find him in all camo pants/shorts and shirt. I’ve tried to tell him less is more, but apparently that rule doesn’t apply to camo. Sigh!

Levi is going through a robot phase. He loves turning random objects and toys into robots. He’s stacked Mega Bloks as a robot and even used a random piece of rope as a robot…I know quite the imagination. His favorite quote is, “I robot. I destroy things, I break things.” Yes, yes you do!

I honestly love planning, preparing and designing the parties for the boys; it’s an outlet for me, but it is time consuming and I never feel like I have enough time, especially when there is a newborn in the mix. But I got it done and the boys loved it, so it was a success! Lots of fun and good memories with family and friends!


The Details

We served up homemade chicken fajitas with fresh, homemade salsa and guacamole and chips. They were all Pioneer Woman recipes. Then had cupcakes (from Sam’s Club, I always intend to make my own, but time is my worst enemy…one day), cookies and ice cream for dessert. I, of course added a couple chip options for snacking since Levi LOVES chips of all kinds, but his favorites right now are Funyuns and sour cream and onion. He hung around the chip section a lot that day :)

photo (49)

I normally just have the one dessert theme table, but this time I just placed two smaller tables side-by-side, one for each theme.

Camo/Army Men:


I purchased most of the items at Hobby Lobby, using their 40% off coupons: tablecloths, birthday banner, cupcake toppers, camo fabric and camo candles.

The large army men were from The Dollar Tree.

Army helmet was a find from Target’s Dollar Spot.

Napkins and party blowers I found on clearance at Joann’s.



Tablecloths were from Wal-Mart.

Buckets with chips were from The Dollar Tree.

I made the cupcake toppers from a set of free robot printables found at Hostess with the Mostess.

The large robot I made from a Pinterest find and the two smaller ones were a craft project they worked on with their grandparents. They made cute additions to the table.

Birthday Boys

Today we celebrated the boys’ 6th and 3rd birthdays. They share the same birthday, so it’s kind of nice that they get to celebrate together.

We started the day with some homemade donuts and gifts.


Then it was dinner at their favorite restaurant, IHOP. They love their pancakes and waffles.


IHOP with grandparents and Aunt Kim

Getting a family photo is always a struggle around here :/

It takes a lot of these…


To get one of these…


Happy birthday, boys! Camo and robot party this weekend! Can’t wait to see how that combination turns out…ha!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Levi

Dear Levi,

You’re our third and even though we now have baby Isaac, you’re still my baby. I don’t know what it is about you, but you’re always so sweet and love to cuddle. I’ll always see you as my baby. You still freely hug and kiss me and I cherish every single one as I know the day will arrive when they won’t be given so freely. One sweet look from you with those big brown eyes or a flash of your sweet smile, always melts our hearts. You’ve taken to being a big brother so well; you can’t get enough of your new baby brother.

You also have an ornery streak that your brothers can attest to. You love destroying their creations when you’re not running after them. Your only excuse is, “I robot, I destroy things, I break things.” Needless to say you have a love of robots, ghosts, swords, nuns and St. Nicholas. You also love keeping up with those brothers on your balance bike and showing off your motocross skills even after multiple crashes.

You love chips! You’d eat them day and night if we’d let you. You love them more than sweets.

You’re stubborn and that’s gotten more apparent as you turn 3. You absolutely refuse to clean up toys or anything for that matter…we really need to work on that!  Don’t even get me started on potty training! You always have the most random items in your bed, it practically changes daily – swords, St. Nick, a tower of blocks that you call a robot. It’s comical!


You’ve brought us so much love and laughter. We love you more than words can say!!! Happy birthday, sweet Levi!

Love always,
Mama and Daddy

Happy 6th Birthday, Noah

Dear Noah,

It always hits me the hardest on your birthday that you’re another year older, I think because you are our firstborn. You’re definitely a Daddy’s boy! You let everyone know you’re the oldest in your natural leader abilities (or in your bossiness, as I’m sure that’s what your brothers think), you’re responsible, you love to learn (especially if it’s math, science and history), and you can practically build anything. I’m always so amazed at how well you can draw and take the most random things to create something. Most of all, you LOVE your brothers and you take care of them (well when they’re not destroying your creations, then you might tackle them, but it’s probably well deserved).

I can’t even believe that today you’re 6 and how proud I am to be your Mama! Many days you test my patience, like when you whine and complain how tired you are and you can’t complete another worksheet (I’m pretty sure you get this from your Dad, as I recall him telling me how he’d immediately get tired as soon as he would do English homework growing up). Yet you always surprise me by telling me random facts that I didn’t think you would remember and I’m always amazed at how well you comprehend stories and put facts together to ask the most insightful questions.

At 6, you’ve accomplished so much! You have 3 baby brothers to love, you’ve completed kindergarten, you’re my expert frog, grasshopper and snake catcher, you can ride a bike with no training wheels (and even do some nice motocross moves and crashes), you’ve lost your first 2 teeth and can practically swim. All because you’re the real Bear Grylls, as you like to remind me. You’re definitely ALL BOY! You can’t get enough camo and all things army. You love all sports and you’re actually pretty good at them, considering your parents have little to no athletic ability. And you’re addicted to desserts – anything chocolate and your Mama’s carrot cake.


So happy 6th birthday, Noah! Oh how we love you and are so blessed to be raising you.

Love always,
Mama & Daddy

Isaac is 3 Months Old

Isaac is 3 months old today and he decided to usher it in with his first cold. Noah started Monday morning with a cold, then Eli and Levi and now baby Isaac. I just hate seeing any of my boys sick with anything; it’s heartbreaking. And of course when the kids are sick, the parents get to suffer along with them with even less sleep and/or catching the same stuff from them. Luckily Michael and I haven’t gotten sick and the boys have slept pretty well considering they weren’t feeling too well. I think we’re over the worst of it for now, but definitely not looking forward to a winter of colds and other viruses.

Besides the cold (which Isaac is actually handling really well), he’s really become a happy baby over the past couple weeks :) Those first couple of months were rough! He was fussy most of the time, spit up a lot and was nursing ALL THE TIME. Combine all that with little sleep and it was just plain exhausting. We’re still exhausted, but it’s easier having a happy a baby and he’s doing 5 hour stretches at night for the most part which is helping.

He’s growing so big! He’s wearing size 6 months now. His brothers still love smothering him in hugs and kisses, which always startles him in a cute way :)


  • Loves to talk in his coos, ooos and aahhs
  • Loves to look at feet
  • Enjoys chomping on his entire fist
  • Likes spending time in his swing


  • Tummy time!

Isaac at 3 Months

We don’t like to speak the truth about evil because we’re going to hurt somebody. Let me tell you, you are going to hurt somebody, but that Somebody is God. If you would rather hurt God than your neighbor, there is something wrong with your spirituality. It’s your obligation to speak the truth and everyone can either take it or leave it. But truth must be in us. We live in such poverty of the truth today.

-Mother Angelica